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Read Transcript Policy and Student Status Requirement prior to sending requests for transcripts.



An official transcript is a copy of a student's permanent academic record and is issued only at the authorization or written request of the student concerned. A transcript is a complete copy of a student's academic record at the time that it is issued. It contains all course work, including undergraduate, graduate and/or non-degree, taken while enrolled at Northwestern Theological Seminary. NCSU will NOT issue a partial transcript. The university will automatically send all course work when a transcript is requested. A transcript is an official copy of a student's permanent academic record. Official transcripts are available from the Office of the Seminary Registrar. Each transcript costs $30.00. A transcript request must be written, by use of a Transcript Request Form, and the fee must be paid in advance.

Official transcripts will be sent directly to other universities, business organizations, etc. A student may receive only an “issued to student” transcript.

Because a transcript contains confidential information, it cannot be released to anyone without a written request from the student. Any individual acting on behalf of the student with regard to requesting a transcript must have written authorization from the student.

Transcripts may be requested through the mail or by fax (727) 494-1513. A mailed request must be sent to the Office of the Seminary Registrar. The request should include the Transcript Request Form and payment of $30.00 for each transcript requested paid at the time of request. A faxed request may request that an official transcript be mailed or unofficial transcript be faxed. If the transcript is to be faxed, the request must include the fax number, who is to receive the fax and the Company/Agency/Institution name where it is to be faxed. Faxed requests will not have processing priority over requests received by mail. Some agencies or institutions will not accept faxed transcripts. Again note that faxed transcripts are unofficial.

Checks or money orders which are mailed should be made payable to Northwestern Theological Seminary. Fax requests must be paid by credit card. The Seminary accepts Visa and Master Card only. Fax requests without complete information including credit card information cannot be processed.


Students who have a financial obligation to the Seminary may be blocked from receiving a transcript. Transcripts are not issued for those people who are indebted to the Seminary until such indebtedness is paid or satisfactorily adjusted.

A Transcript Request Form will not be processed for students who have financial defaults or other obligations to the Seminary. The obligation may be due to a returned check, non-payment of financial agreement, or failure to comply with admissions requirements. Students must be in good standing with the Seminary in order to have a transcript released.

Please note that once a transcript can be released the student is responsible for re‐submitting a transcript request.

Download Form
To request transcripts from Northwestern

Request for NTS Student Transcript Form
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