Accelerated Academic Degree Program
Northwestern Theological Seminary
Department of Graduate Studies

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AADP Admission Request Form

How to Apply for the AADP Program

Admission to the Accelerated Academic Degree Program (AADP) requires an admission process separate from general admission to Northwestern Theological Seminary.

Admission Process for the Accelerated Academic Degree Program (AADP):

  • STEP 1: Submit an AADP Admission Request Form below- the Administration will notify the Registrar of your intent to enroll in the AADP Program

  • STEP 2: Submit a completed NTS Online Student Application:
    [If you have NOT yet submitted a Student Application, please include the letters AADP in the first line of the Life Experience Summary Box on the application. If you have already submitted a Student Application, we will notify the Registrar. You will NOT be required to resubmit a Student Application, if already submitted]

  • If accepted to AADP, you will be required to submit your initial payment to complete your enrollment and begin the program
    [DO NOT submit your initial payment until you have been accepted to the AADP program]

  • You will be notified within 48 hours on the status of your acceptance once both the NTS Online Student Application and AADP Admission Form have been received and reviewed



Your Name:        

Applicant/Student Number [Enter 'New' if you have not received a Applicant/Student Number]: 
Email Address: 

NTS Student Application Status

Your Current Academic Qualification



IMPORTANT: Choose only one AADP Program

  AADP Master Program

AADP Doctorate Program

AADP Combined Master / Doctorate Program  [1 Master / 1 Doctorate]

AADP Combined Master / Master Program [2 Master Degrees]

AADP Combined Doctorate / Doctorate Program [2 Doctorate Degrees]

Choose Your AADP Master Degree Major

If Dual, Choose Your 2nd AADP Master Degree Major

Choose Your AADP Doctor Degree Major
If Dual, Choose Your 2nd AADP Doctor Degree Major


Do you have a Bachelor's Degree?  Yes No
If yes, enter year obtained                                   
If yes, enter the major of your Bachelor
If yes, enter school name

Do you have a Master's Degree?  Yes No
If yes, enter year obtained                                   
If yes, enter the major of your Master   
If yes, enter school name

Do you have a Doctorate Degree?  Yes No
If yes, enter year obtained                                     
If yes, enter the major of your Doctorate
If yes, enter school name  



Are you currently a commissioned, licensed, or ordained minister? Yes No
If yes, in what year where you credentialed?                     
If yes, name of issuing organization



Briefly tell us about your Christian walk, church involvement, and personal testimony and/or any other information related to your application for enrollment to AADP:



  • I understand that I must provide copies of the enrollment documentation requirements. All documentation requirements must be completed by the end of the program.

  • Once accepted, candidates will be required to pay for their love offers as they go through the program, and when due in accordance with program requirements. Payments may be made by Check, Money Order, Cashier's Check, Credit Card, or PayPal. Payment information and methods are provided to all students in the 'Donations' page of the seminary site, located at:

  • If paying by check or money order for my enrollment, I understand that upon acceptance, I need to immediately follow through with initial enrollment payment by mail to reach Northwestern Theological Seminary within fourteen (14) days, unless previous arrangements have been made.

  • Your privacy is very important to us. All information received from you is used for internal administrative use only. Personal information is never shared or released to any third parties outside of normal program processing for credentials and degrees, or permission granted in writing.

  • For the AADP Degree programs, there will be additional documentation required after enrollment. These documents include: 1. Copy of highest diploma, certificate or degree earned and related transcript. 2. Proof of ministerial credentials in the form of a photocopy or official letter (if applicable).

  • Northwestern Theological Seminary Student Policy Book: I understand that I have been given the opportunity to review the Northwestern Theological Seminary Student Policy Book in PDF format, and have read and understood the policies. By clicking on the link, another web page will be open enabling you to read and download the current copy of the policies. Click here to open.

Type Full Name           Date  

By printed name above, and checking this statement block, I affirm that I have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the requirements of the Northwestern Theological Seminary AADP program, and the information found on this enrollment agreement form. This submission constitutes my official signature and enrollment request.


To submit your AADP Form after completion of the required information, click on 'SUBMIT AADP ENROLLMENT FORM'
To reset the form and re-enter the information, click on 'ERASE FORM'
To exit the form and return to the AADP home page, click on 'Exit Application'



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Thank you for your interest in the Northwestern Theological Seminary - Accelerated Academic Degree Program!


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